Thursday, April 21, 2011

School Buses of Nano Tube Construction

School Buses are inherently top heavy when full of kids. The tops often rust. The bottoms of school buses are made of wood, which can catch fire, unless the grease and soot are often steam cleaned. The glass windows of school buses are dangerous in accidents. The metal construction is heavy and causes increased weight which immediately correlates to poor fuel economy and with Diesel Prices at $3.15 per gallon that means increased costs to school districts which need that money to teach our children.

Why not solve all these problems by making the school bus bodies out of carbon nano tube construction? Carbon Nano Tubes are almost here and once they are they will be here to stay. There are endless applications for carbon nano tubes due to their strength and abilities to conduct electricity. In fact due to their lightweight, strength, transparency and ability to hold a charge the uses are truly endless indeed. One excellent use for transparent carbon nano tubes would be to make the bodies and frames of school buses out of this material and there is a big bonus.

With kids fighting during the de-busing once the bus reaches it's destination, the entire bus can be made transparent from its normal opaque yellow color, meaning you will be able to watch the kids get off the bus and make sure they are not fighting. The windows can be made of the transparent carbon nano tubes and remain transparent, unless the bus driver sees a threat from an International Terrorist and in which case he can turn a dial which will send an electric current through the material making it opaque and it is safe as carbon nano tubes are 50 times stronger than steel and any one shooting at the bus will soon find out it is bullet proof.

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